Your Guide to the Virtual Reality Escape Room Sydney Experience

Virtual Reality Rooms is Sydney’s first multiplayer virtual reality escape room experience. Perfect for corporate team building, friends and family, schools and anyone looking for a unique, fun and totally immersive experience. Escape rooms are taking the world by storm in cities across the globe from Portland to Shanghai. They are a welcome addition to the local gaming community, and now with virtual reality escape rooms, Sydney is home to some of the best that the interactive amusement and games industry has to offer.

Whether you’re a keen gamer or you’re dipping your toes in the warm and welcoming waters, you might want to start with some escape room games basics.

Escape rooms: what are they exactly?

Don’t worry, they have nothing to do with prisons. Escape rooms are games where a team of individuals works together to escape an environment. This often involves solving problems, finding hidden passages, and working out riddles.

Depending on the escape room you’re in, anywhere between two and eight people may participate. It’s easy to see why escape rooms are so popular. Not only do they involve teamwork, you’re feeling the pressure of being up against a ticking clock. The sense of accomplishment when you make it to the next stage or exit your environment is exhilarating, yet they have only become a totally immersive experience with the use of virtual reality.

Bringing virtual reality to escape room gaming

Virtual reality is a phrase that’s been on the tip of many a person’s tongues for a long time now. One of the main reasons virtual reality experiences are so popular is that you enter a new world where you achieve things that aren’t possible in the real world. Or, you face situations you’ll hopefully never face in real life. Zombies, for example.

While a standard escape game room may feature physical puzzles and intricate physical tasks to make your way through, virtual reality does not. Instead, you are in the room with your friends and begin making your way through virtual reality tasks. Now, you’re in a room where the world of make-believe is unfolding before your eyes. Maybe you’re working with your teammates to save an entire universe. Or, you could find yourself escaping through a serial killer’s mind to find the location of a missing child. Suddenly, your worst and best fantasies are coming to life.

Games you can become a part of at virtual reality escape rooms in Sydney

Thinking of visiting a virtual reality escape room in Sydney? Here is a taste of the games you can try:

In Cosmos, you and your team find yourself in a future age where space agencies have detected a black hole that’s threatening to engulf Earth. Fortunately, the Eden Space Station is available and equipped with the latest technologies. You’re part of the team that’s been chosen to close the black hole and save the lives of everyone in our galaxy.

Together, you’ll acquire new skills such as shooting enemies with lasers, using telekinesis to move objects and flying in zero gravity. You only have an hour to master these skills and complete your mission in closing the black hole.

For every moment you’re aboard Eden Space Station, Earth is moving closer to oblivion. Through a combination of communication and working together, you’ll save the future of the planet. If you fail? Doom and destruction for everyone who walks the Earth.

Mind Horror
Mind Horror catapults you into a world that’s recently been paralysed by the kidnap of a child. The police have found the culprit, but an illness has placed him into a coma, leaving his victim to languish in an unknown location.

As part of a team of cyber-detectives, you’ll enter the kidnapper’s mind to find out where the child is. Through the ingenuity of cyber technology, you’ve gained access to the kidnapper’s mind for an hour. When the hour is up, your connection to your avatar in the kidnapper’s mind will be lost and the location of the child would be lost forever if you don’t complete your mission.

To make your way through the kidnapper’s mind, you’ll take part in a litany of tasks that involve shooting, swimming, breaking through walls, and even flying. At each stage, you and your teammates decide which move is best, bringing you closer to succeeding at your heroic pursuit. Oh, and the name of the kidnapper? Silent Man.

The growth of virtual reality escape rooms worldwide

There’s no denying that escape rooms are becoming a popular means of having fun with your friends and family in your free time. In the UK, these escape rooms saw a growth of 598% over the space of three years.

Virtual reality is the next step in bringing another dimension to escape rooms, where you’re not limited by physical constraints and can become anyone and do anything as part of your virtual reality adventure.

When you consider the benefits of virtual environments, it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. According to one study, virtual reality can be helpful for overcoming fears of public speaking. Therapeutic benefits aside, isn’t the idea of entering another world just fun? Many people desire dangerous situations and love drama, but don’t want to put themselves at risk. Escape rooms in the virtual reality world allows you to do things you could never do in real life, fly through space, swim through piranha infested waters and battle deadly enemies without coming to any harm.

The benefits of visiting a virtual reality room

Everyone needs a little escapism now and again, but the benefits to visiting a virtual reality room don’t stop there.

Lots of businesses like to encourage employees to engage in team-building exercises. Virtual reality escape rooms features encourage employees to:

  • Communicate with each other to reach a common goal
  • Consider the ideas of others
  • Follow instructions from peers
  • Provide feedback on another person’s ideas constructively

All of these skills are transferable to an office environment, where communication is the key to project success. You may find organising such sessions on an annual basis is helpful, but there are other situations where your business may benefit from visiting a virtual reality escape room as part of a team-building exercise:

  • The business is new and the employees don’t know each other
  • You’ve added multiple new members to your team
  • There’s a new manager in place

Escape rooms also build confidence. They encourage participants to voice their opinions for the good of others. Those who aren’t used to being leaders will begin to develop leadership skills. Everyone in attendance will think outside the box, especially as they’re facing scenarios they’re not familiar with.

If a virtual reality escape room in Sydney sounds like a great team-building opportunity or even just a fun day out, give it a whirl. In the space of an hour, you’ll enter another world, save lives, and boost your confidence. What could be better than that?