virtual reality hens party Sydney

Bucks Party And Hens Party Package Includes

Virtual Reality Team-Based Escape Game Adventure (Up To 60 Minutes)

Become avatars with your friends in the virtual reality world. See, hear and interact with your friends and as a team, find clues, solve puzzles and do things you never thought possible such as flying through outer space and mastering your super powers to complete your mission within 60 minutes.

Choose from two adventures
• Cosmos: as a Super Team you’re teleported onto Eden Space Station to find a way to close the dark portal and save Earth in 60 minutes and make it back out alive.
• Mind Horror: as a team of Cyber Detectives you’re projected into the mind of Silent Man, a mad maniac who’s in a coma and you have 60 minutes to find the location of the child he’s kidnapped and make it out alive before his mind shatters and you along with it.

Arcade Experience For 60 Minutes For The Group**

60 minutes access to the stand-up VR headset to be shared where they can choose from a variety of short virtual reality experiences such as walking the plank 80 floors above ground level, flying around the city putting out fires and the adrenaline filled packed fast shooting, ducking and dancing action in Space Pirate Trainer. Other participants watch the action on the large TV screens, making comments and enjoying viewing the action while waiting.

For less than 10 participants, this Arcade Experience can be added to the package for an additional $60.

Interactive 3D Photo Walls For Team Pictures

Take interactive team photos against the Cosmos and Mind Horror photo walls, depicting real scenes from the adventures.

Snacks* & Drinks

Chips, chocolates, lollies, biscuits, lemonade, coffee, wide selection of teas and filtered water available for participants to enjoy.

$49 pp (Mon-Thur), $59 pp (Fri-Sun)

* Minimum 6 attendees ** Minimum 10 attendees

GROUP SIZE: Each room holds up to 6 and larger groups (maximum of 36) will be divided into multiple teams. These teams then competes to see who completes their mission
first which adds the extra element of friendly competition.

hens party package Sydney
bucks party package Sydney
virtual reality hens party
bucks party venue Sydney
bucks party Sydney
hens party venue Sydney
hens party Sydney
virtual reality bucks party venue
virtual reality bucks party

Large Capacity
(up to 36 people
at the same time)

Mon - Thurs 9am to 9:30pm
Fri - Sun, Public Holidays 8:15am to 10pm
Level 1, 484 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9267 3873