A black hole is devouring and entering our galaxy through a dark portal. You and your super team will teleport into Eden space station using the latest technology. The team will be equipped with special space suits that provide 60 minutes of oxygen and many abilities. You and your team need to work out how to use your suits and solve the challenges that cross your paths. Fly in zero gravity, destroy enemies with a laser and move illusory objects using telekinesis to close the dark portal and save Earth.

Communication among the members of your team is essential to accomplish your mission.

Beware the black hole is getting closer! Work together for the salvation of all humanity. We are counting on you and hope you can return back to earth…alive!


2 – 6 PLAYERS Per Room

$49 per person Mon – Thur

$59 per person Fri – Sunday & Public Holidays

What People are Saying

Loads of fun! Highly recommended!

Awesome and friendly staff. The VR was loads of fun and very real! I’m keen to go back and try the other games they have.

Amazing VR room experience!

Had an amazing time- fantastic virtual reality game that made it feel like we were really on a spaceship! Highly recommend!

Great bonding experience.

Well worth the hour and chance to work together with your teens. Look forward to new experiences being made available.

First Timer Virtual Players

The whole experience was awesome. The graphics we so realistic that I found myself screaming at certain points. Great game, great customer service, and brand new equipment


Like nothing I have played before, its fun working together with your friends to accomplish missions.

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Mon - Thurs 9am to 9:30pm

Fri - Sun, Public Holidays 8:15am to 10pm